How We Work

We work closely with Investment Distribution Companies in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The Distribution Companies have large networks of Financial Advisors and Wealth Management companies. We have distribution agreements pending which gives Black Castle Property exposure on a Global scale.

We also have a Global network of Family Offices that are always looking for suitable opportunities to put their funds into around the World and experience tells us that the UK and specifically property in the UK has always been seen assecure.

Once we receive funds, we then alert our Property Development partners to the amount of funds we are looking to invest and they will go away and come up with a plan of action, and a selection of suitable projects. This is then discussed at length with the board and project managers, once agreed we then move forward and draw funds down to commence work on the approved sites.

As an ISA compatible Bond provider, we are aware of Billions of pounds sat in low interest accounts and research over the past year gives positive indications that ISA clients will be keen to place funds for fixed, sustainable and tax-free returns.

We aim to maximise return on investment and have a mixed strategy to buy, refurbish and hold or buy, refurbish and sell where appropriate.

Transparency is at our core and we are always happy to facilitate site visits for investors. We have an office in Warrington not far from the train station or major Motorway M62. Our doors are always open! We also have a team active in London who is on hand to welcome International and Intuitional investors.